BERNER Kunststofftechnik and Quality

The company has always placed a high priority on the quality of its products. The success of our quality goals and strategy are proof of our approach to quality and our desire for quality. It is not sufficient merely to infuse quality seamlessly into our products – quality is also one of our most important entrepreneurial goals. On this basis, management decided to set up a quality assurance programme in 1990, and to integrate this into a quality management system at a later stage.

Quality policy

- Quality means thinking and acting with the customer in mind
We feel driven to fully live up to the expectations of our customers in our actions and our products. Consequently, the goal of the Berner quality policy is to meet requirements agreed with our customers - flawlessly, economically, and on time.

- Quality requires everybody’s cooperation
Everyone in our company is a provider and receiver of deliverables, which makes them both a supplier and a customer. Each individual is responsible for the quality of their deliverables. We expect everyone to play their part in working together on solutions to quality problems.

- Quality requires leadership
The task of management is to implement the quality goals of the company through joint planning and execution of quality projects. Setting a personal example and managing in a style oriented towards cooperation reinforces the quality awareness of employees.

- Quality reduces costs
Costs due to errors are avoidable. Measures which address the causes of errors and secure quality are encouraged and supported.

- Quality prevents accidents
Quality-aware behaviour also takes into consideration the needs of our environment and encourages safety in the workplace.

- Quality is ‘working towards the future’
We need to offer our customers new, tried and tested processes to meet their growing demands in the future as well.

- Quality ensures success
Constant, successful striving for quality is the critical factor which determines the reputation and results of BERNER Kunststofftechnik.

- Quality is a matter for management
Consequently, the head of our quality management system reports directly to management.

Independent of these quality principles, we are ready to adapt our quality policy to new requirements of our customers or new findings at any time.