Management of Resources
BERNER Kunststofftechnik constantly strives to achieve the highest level of process safety possible by providing modern machinery and systems, and in so doing to meet the quality requirements of our customers.
When procuring new machines and systems, management works closely with the production, technology and quality management departments to make the best machines and systems available for our products, according to quality and economic requirements.

BERNER Kunststofftechnik takes care in employing only personnel capable of carrying out their tasks in full on the basis of their training.
Every employee is thoroughly trained before assuming an independent role in executing their tasks.
We ensure that our employees receive advanced training and remain qualified by means of internal and external courses for new machinery, systems, processes or regulations. Our employees are conscious of the meaning and importance of their activities as a result of these measures, and understand how they can contribute to reaching quality goals.

BERNER Kunststofftechnik provides the human and physical factors necessary to adapt the working environment through ergonomic and physical measures in such a way that the surroundings meet the quality requirements of the products.
Rules and regulations for health security, workplace security and environmental protection are adhered to and constantly monitored.